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How a Facilities Maintenance App Can Streamline Maintenance Tasks and Improve Efficiency

Are you running a business and struggling to manage all the moving parts of your repairs and maintenance operations? Have you ever thought about how a facilities maintenance app or computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) could streamline your tasks and make life easier for everyone? 

worker using app in factory

Are you running a business and struggling to manage all the moving parts of your repairs and maintenance operations? Have you ever thought about how a facilities maintenance app or computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) could streamline your tasks and make life easier for everyone?  

Facilities maintenance apps have come a long way in recent years and can be an invaluable tool for any company looking to improve its efficiency, lower costs, and stay competitive in today’s market. 

But if you've never used a CMMS before or are considering an upgrade to your process, there are some important things you should know before you invest.   

Keep reading to discover key insights into what facility management software is all about - from cost benefits to increased productivity gains - so that by the end you will know exactly how the best facility management software can improve your organisation's productivity by leaps and bounds.   

What Is a Facilities Management App? 

A Facilities management app is a tool to help businesses streamline and manage the maintenance operations and upkeep of their facilities.   

You can use the system for both commercial buildings as well as residential properties. Its primary function as a management solution is to automate as many of your maintenance tasks as possible, including scheduling, budgeting, asset tracking, work order management, supplier details, maintenance schedules, warranty details, and more.  

The software streamlines businesses by eliminating as many of the manual and tedious processes that are prone to human error. Automation capabilities built into a CMMS provide up to the minute data so managers can make informed decisions on the spot.  

A good CMMS system effectively keeps critical data no more than a couple of mouse clicks away (or taps on mobile devices), so you don't waste time ruffling through a cluttered filing cabinet or mucking about with clunky spreadsheets. The fact that data is stored in the cloud means you always have access to essential information at a moment's notice.   

Benefits Of Using Facility Management Software 

There are plenty of benefits to using CMMS software for your business. From improved efficiency to lower operational costs, it can help streamline many processes and make the day-to-day running of your business more straightforward.   

Having better visibility over all aspects of the company means you will always know how resources are being used and where extra attention is needed. Automating tasks like scheduling maintenance keeps employees focused and productive.  

Plus, enhanced asset management means you reduce the risk of challenging scenarios like data loss or security issues. Improved communication tools mean that teams can collaborate easier than ever before while improved data analysis and reporting capabilities allow for more informed decisions when it comes to strategic planning. In short: Facility management software is a great way to boost your productivity and improve profitability. Let's explore each of the benefits in more detail.  
Improved Efficiency  

Another major benefit of investing in facility management software is improved efficiency. The facilities management app helps you automate manual processes, streamline communications between departments and teams, and take advantage of greater visibility into all aspects of your operation.  

For example, you can use your facility management software to keep track of inventory levels and send automatic alerts to managers when supplies are low.   

Automated emails or text message notifications will alert anyone related to a certain task when it's completed or if something needs attention right away. This eliminates a lot of back-and-forth communication between team members and missed deadlines because of communication breakdowns.  

Lower Operational Costs 

Facilities management apps can lower operational costs. The software helps to streamline processes and automate tasks, which cuts down on administrative time and labour costs. It also helps to improve inventory tracking and order accuracy, which reduces costs associated with lost or misplaced orders.  

The ability to track energy usage more easily allows businesses to identify areas of waste and make adjustments accordingly to reduce overall energy consumption.  

Additionally, preventive maintenance features provide users with notifications when repairs need to be made so that problems are addressed quickly, and they don’t have a major impact on operations or incur additional costs. 

Greater Visibility  

Facility management software is all about giving you visibility into the inner workings of your business. Whether it’s identifying assets, tracking employee productivity, or getting a handle on repair contractor availability, having access to the right information can make all the difference.  

With facility management software, you’ll be able to quickly and easily evaluate how well each department is performing and identify areas that need improvement.  

Additionally, this type of software also provides important insights into customer trends so that you can better tailor your services and products for maximum appeal.  

Automation Of Tasks 

Automating tasks is perhaps the most obvious benefit that comes with using facility management software. When you automate as many manual tasks as possible you save time and money and reduce the chance of human error throwing a spanner into the works.   

For example, instead of manually entering data into spreadsheets or physical documents, the software can do it for you, and get it right every time. It also means less potential human error when things like scheduling maintenance on equipment or managing inventory levels are automated.  

Enhanced Asset Management 

Enhanced asset management is another key advantage of a CMMS. You can keep track of all your assets and resources in one place for improved monitoring of usage and maintenance status. 

You can also get up-to-date information on the value of each asset so that you can make informed decisions about when it is time to upgrade or replace certain items. Plus, having access to a central repository for all your assets makes it easier to track inventory levels and create reports in just a few clicks.  

Tracking warranties is a breeze, with asset and maintenance management software able to store all the critical information you need to make claims and save your business from unnecessary and expensive repair or maintenance costs.   

Improved Communications and Collaboration 

Good communication is essential to the success of any business, and facility management software can help you streamline your communications and facilitate collaboration between different departments.  

You can send out automated emails or messages that remind stakeholders of updates or deadlines.   

Access to a centralized database means everyone involved in a project can access important documents, contact information, updates and more.   

The improved visibility into the operations ensures teams can collaborate more efficiently. You'll be able to identify potential bottlenecks early on and work together to resolve them without wasting time tracking down information locked away in a spreadsheet in a long-forgotten folder stored somewhere on the system.   

Improved Data Analysis and Reporting  

Stored data can only create useful knowledge when it’s organized by a fully featured CMMS. With this software, you can track information like utilization rates, energy consumption and more. This will help you identify any issues that may be costing your business money or creating inefficiencies.  

The software is able to generate reports on various aspects of your operations to further enhance your decision-making. Immediate access to detailed insights will help you recognise trends and gain a clearer understanding of how different departments are performing against their goals.  

In addition, software designed to streamline facilities management makes it easier for managers and executives to understand the financial impact of their decisions and how those decisions affect other areas within the organization. The ability to quickly analyse data and make informed decisions is invaluable for businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition.  

In a nutshell, if you are struggling to manage all the moving parts of your R+M function because of an archaic manual system, you might want to consider using a facilities maintenance app like Ticked Off.  

It's a fantastic solution that can help you streamline maintenance tasks, lower costs, and boost productivity. With Ticked Off, you'll benefit from improved efficiency, enhanced asset management, improved communication, collaboration, and much more.  

Enquire now to find out how Ticked Off can help streamline your business.