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The Importance of Workplace Health and Safety in the Digital Age

Operating in today's turbulent economy means business resilience is more critical than ever. Managing health and safety risks is just one part of the equation, but it significantly contributes to ensuring business continuity.  

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Operating in today's turbulent economy means business resilience is more critical than ever. Managing health and safety risks is just one part of the equation, but it significantly contributes to ensuring business continuity.  

Digital technologies have given companies the resources they need to provide a safer, more efficient workplace, but how important is a digital transformation for achieving these goals? 

How Going Digital is Critical to Improving Safety 

Digital technologies can streamline and enhance many business operations within the facilities management team, including improvements in how workplace health and safety is regulated and managed. Here are just a few of the important ways that the Ticked Off Managed Services app will improve your operation.  

Standardising Policy 

Digital technology ensures that everyone is aware of all safety protocols. Following procedures available through the Ticked Off app, such as QR sign-on processes and e-checklists, turns policy into practice.  

Hazards can be catalogued and mitigated, and digital libraries of approved content ensure safety policies are always followed. These features offer incredible benefits when dealing with managed services, where outsourced contractors are not always familiar with an organisation's health and safety procedures.   

Guarantee Compliance


Digital technology means workflows become automatic, with software driving a pre-approved workflow. Your team will spend less time searching for shortcuts and more time checking that the work is done safely and to a high standard.  

Contractors can complete work efficiently because they have immediate access to the information they need and can verify completed work with an attached photo, which can all be done through the app.  

Create Digital Workflows


A digital workflow ensures important safety checks, procedures, and protocols are consistent across an organisation. The risk of safety measures getting overlooked is significantly reduced, and the chance of human error is minimised.  

Automating safety checks is another important feature of the digital workflow. Equipment inspections, maintenance, and safety audits can all be scheduled within the app, significantly reducing the reliance on manual, error-prone data entry.  

Enhancing Communication


Communication is a critical component of health and safety in a digitally powered workplace. Software operating in the cloud removes the risk that facilities management teams will miss out on critical information, such as an alert about a hazard.  

Easy data entry creates more efficient handover practices as the risk of losing critical information during shift changes is dramatically reduced.  

Faster Response Times


Real-time communication, prioritisation, instant notifications, and workflow automation culminate in an app that greatly improves response times between facilities management team members. Users can report hazards and other issues in real-time, immediately alerting managers who can take immediate action. 

It takes just a moment to create a work request using information from the app to assign the appropriate service with the correct qualifications and licensing. Automated workflows ensure that information gets to where needed without the bottlenecks typical of paper-based or manual systems.  

Reduced Costs


While there is always an upfront investment with introducing new technology into the workplace, Software as a Service (SaaS) operates on technology already available to significantly reduce costs. Any device capable of running the latest Android, iOS, or Windows operating system will have the capacity to run the software.  

Poorly designed digital management solutions disappoint and frustrate users, and automation with too many bells and whistles creates confusion. Ticked Off has invested heavily in ensuring our software is intuitive with an almost zero learning curve, further reducing costs while maximising savings and ensuring greater productivity with fewer risks.  

Increased Operational Accuracy


Checks and inspections are routine for facilities management teams and rely on accurate information. Digital technology makes it easier to conduct checks and disseminate information through the system. Improved operational accuracy helps improve the safety of facilities because you are doing more with less, eliminating guesswork, and maintaining your facilities in top condition.  

Going Paperless


Facilities have been a necessary part of doing business for centuries, often leading to outdated practices and business models ingraining themselves into business culture despite no longer being the most efficient way to do things.  

For example, hard copies of work orders may feel traditional and comfortable, but they increase costs by introducing bottlenecks and processing errors or simply get lost in the mayhem.  

Valuable time and space are used up copying, printing, delivering, and storing documents while generating an incredible amount of waste.  

Good record-keeping is essential for every business, especially when compliance issues and customer complaints must be addressed, and going digital will streamline almost every process.  

All work requests and confirmations are easily stored and retrieved on the system, and there's no chance of lost paperwork drawing out a compliance issue.  

Furthermore, real-time data analytics helps managers keep an eye on operations while highlighting trends without having to wade through endless spreadsheets, and it can all be managed through a mobile device.  

The Easiest Way to Go Digital with Workplace Health and Safety  

The importance of workplace health and safety in the digital age cannot be overstated. Digital technologies have revolutionised how businesses manage and regulate safety protocols, leading to safer, more efficient workplaces.  

Standardised policies, guaranteed compliance, digital workflows, enhanced communication, and a paperless process streamline workflows and dramatically improve safety measures.  

Ticked Off offers a powerful solution for improving workplace health and safety throughout your organisation. The system works on devices your company already has access to, and your staff will immediately get up to speed with the app's streamlined interface because our zero-learning curve makes the process entirely painless. 

In a rapidly evolving marketplace, incorporating digital technology into workplace health and safety practices is no longer an option but a necessity for remaining competitive. Invest in the best tool for your organisation's future by booking a free demo now.