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The Environmental and Financial Benefits of Efficient Maintenance Management

Sustainability in the facilities maintenance field is often focused on new infrastructure. However, there is a growing shift towards exploring new ways to create more sustainable businesses through environmentally conscious facilities management practices.  

Sustainability in the facilities maintenance field is often focused on new infrastructure. However, there is a growing shift towards exploring new ways to create more sustainable businesses through environmentally conscious facilities management practices.  

Sustainable maintenance is more involved than simply being more environmentally focused. It's also about eliminating wasteful practices, reducing costs, and minimising the social impact of your actions. Check out how Ticked Off's managed services can help you benefit environmentally and financially by improving your facility's maintenance operations.  

How Does Sustainable Maintenance Benefit Your Business? 

The primary goal of sustainable maintenance is to minimise your ecological footprint and eliminate waste while improving the overall efficiency of your maintenance team. When your maintenance efforts focus on improving efficiency, you elevate performance in other areas, including socially, economically, and environmentally.  

Sustainable maintenance practices will reduce emissions, improve air quality, and reduce emissions. In addition, your business will also benefit from extended lifespans of machinery and equipment while reducing energy costs. Reports have shown that preventive maintenance can help organisations reduce raw material usage by up to 20% and cut vehicle emissions by 30%. 

Social benefits are also possible through more sustainable maintenance, including improvements in health and safety and reducing the impact of your business on the local community through noise and pollution. Economic benefits are also created, including increased compliance, improved utilisation rates, reduced unnecessary maintenance, and lowered costs from fines, breakdowns, and downtime.  

How Ticked Off Helps You Create a More Sustainable Business 

The Ticked Off app is the key to optimising your maintenance operation by focusing on a few key areas that keep buildings and assets operating at peak performance, including: 

  • Optimising preventive maintenance performance 
  • Connecting team members through mobile features 
  • Reducing wasteful practices 
  • Reducing waste by going paperless 

Keeping Facilities and Equipment Functioning at Peak Efficiency  

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the famous saying, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." The phrase is just as relevant to facilities and equipment as the human body. Operating with a run-to-fail culture will hurt your bottom line and the planet, ultimately harming your reputation in the marketplace. 

Poorly maintained buildings consume more resources, including energy. Prematurely retired equipment unnecessarily adds to landfills and increases capital expenses, often unexpectedly. Replacing important assets adds to carbon emissions through production, transport, and shipping.  

Ticked Off helps you track and maintain your assets, which includes an optimised preventive maintenance plan. For an ideal ratio of maintenance versus corrective work orders, the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) calls for an 80% preventive/20% corrective ratio, which is considered excellent for running a stable operation.  

Going Paperless 

Converting many administration tasks to digital will speed up many of these processes while significantly reducing your reliance on paper. Eliminating paperwork has apparent benefits to the environment because you use your printer less, which saves trees.  

You save time when you can search, view, edit, and create documents from your mobile device or PC using the Ticked Off app. In addition, real-time access to your asset lists, work orders, and approved contractors means you'll never waste time searching for lost paperwork.  

QR access codes delivered right to a contractor's phone means they can gain immediate access to an authorised personnel-only area wherever required. You avoid lengthy sign-on delays by eliminating the inefficient paperwork often needed for health and safety compliance reasons. 

Waste Reduction 

There are many different ways an app like Ticked Off can reduce wastage in your facility maintenance services, including: 

  • Improve workplace health and safety through routine equipment inspections and maintenance, and record safety incidents, hazards, and near misses. Data helps you quickly identify risks to reduce accidents and improve the overall safety culture of the entire department.  
  • Automated preventive maintenance schedules reduce the chance of failure and optimise maintenance tasks. Even a dirty or wet floor can pose a significant health risk to customers and employees regarding maintenance. Ticked Off helps your team to avoid overlooking these mundane but critical aspects of facility maintenance.   
  • Reduce energy consumption: poorly maintained refrigeration and HVAC equipment become inefficient. Dirty filters, poor lubrication, and worn parts create heat and friction. The systems are forced to work harder, which increases wear and tear, and energy consumption.  


Use Ticked Off to Reduce Your Organisation's Environmental Impact and Save Money 

In today's world, prioritising eco-friendly solutions for our planet's sustainability is becoming increasingly crucial. Ticked Off is committed to the environment while helping businesses save money.  

Embracing eco-friendly practices is not just a moral obligation; it's also a smart business move. Opting for sustainable operations helps you save costs while creating a better and safer environment for employees and customers. 

Adopting a lean and efficient approach through proactive and preventive maintenance can significantly enhance the performance of facilities and factories. By taking steps to minimise waste, reduce energy consumption, and optimise resource utilisation, we can help you streamline your operations and increase productivity. In turn, this not only benefits the planet but will also directly impact your bottom line. 

You can find out how Ticked Off can quickly integrate into your maintenance processes, improve sustainability, and increase profits with a demo of how the software and managed service works.