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Workplace Health and Safety: The Digital Transformation with Ticked Off

Digital transformation is changing how facilities managers handle health and safety for employees and outsourced workers. You may have heard of a "digital transformation" before but aren't sure what it entails, so here's a quick rundown. 

Digital transformation is changing how facilities managers handle health and safety for employees and outsourced workers. You may have heard of a "digital transformation" before but aren't sure what it entails, so here's a quick rundown. 

Going Digital 

A digital transformation is all about integrating technology into your workflow to improve your organisation's operations. Companies can convert many of their operations into the digital sphere to enhance products and services, improve efficiency and safety, and elevate customer experiences.  

A digital transformation in the R+M context will involve integrating technology to help facilities management teams perform various roles more efficiently and safely, including: 

  • Technology integration: You can't have a digital transformation without technology. Most businesses already have the resources available, especially if they adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach. Phones, desktop PCs, laptops, iPads, and Android devices are familiar devices, and most have the power to run powerful cloud applications like Ticked Off. 
  • Data Collection: Collecting data is a powerful component of a digital transformation. Analytical software helps make sense of the data so facilities managers can make informed decisions, spot trends, and identify hazards at a speed manual systems can't hope to match.  
  • Process Optimization: Undergoing a digital transformation often requires rethinking and redesigning your current workflow. For example, digital systems can streamline visitor management processes critical for security and maintaining a record of visitors for health and safety compliance.  

Ticked Off's Role in Digitising Health and Safety 

Ticked Off managed services have helped hundreds of businesses improve their health and safety through digital transformation. Here are just a few ways our software and contractors assist with the transition. 

QR Visitor/Contractor Sign In 

Ticked Off's managed services app integrates a QR (Quick Response) code for vendor sign-in and sign-out. 

Every contractor scheduled to visit a site is provided with a QR code on their mobile device in advance. This eliminates the traditional and time-consuming paper trail and significantly improves visitor tracking. 

The system automatically captures and records critical details for a subsequent health and safety audit. Names, purpose of visit, qualifications, licensing, and any other required details are logged against the visitor. If any compliance issues arise, retrieving this information for a quick resolution is straightforward.  

Site Specific Safety Audits 

Safety audits provide a benchmark against legal compliance while ensuring everyone on your team understands best practices and stays safe. Areas that safety audits cover include: 

  • Fire safety 
  • Cleanliness and hygiene 
  • Ensuring contractors work to safety standards 
  • Environmental hazards 

All companies have multiple branches and divisions using the same facilities, with many operating under different safety standards and requirements. Digitising your health and safety protocols means everyone can follow the same protocols, regardless of their role and location in the facilities. 

Different industries also have distinct safety requirements. For example, a manufacturing plant has markedly different safety requirements than a retail outlet or healthcare facility.  Ticked Off’s site-specific safety audits create the means to deliver a structured and customised approach to safety assessments of facilities. 

Hazard Identification 

Hazard identification refers to detecting potential sources of harm or damage that prevent a business from conducting its usual activities and processes in an area. 

Leveraging technology and data can significantly improve hazard identification and management in the workplace. Customised checklists can alert employees and contractors to common workplace hazards.  

The ability to schedule routine inspections on a daily, weekly or other predetermined schedule will assist your team in systematically assessing the workplace and immediately taking action against any hazards. 

The app allows for detailed documentation to help with hazard identification, including photos, documents, and checklists. Checklists are critical for several reasons: 

  • They standardise the hazard assessment process to ensure future hazards are prevented or more quickly identified.  
  • Checklists significantly reduce the chance of oversight. 
  • They speed up the hazard identification process.
  • A checklist is an excellent training resource or guide for an outsourced contractor who may not be familiar with the facilities. 
  • Checklists provide evidence of due diligence when compliance issues arise.  


Faulty Machinery and Equipment Identification 

Prevention is always better and less costly than the cure for broken-down equipment. Digitisation is revolutionising how businesses identify and deal with faulty equipment in the workplace. Traditional means of identifying equipment needing service or repairs are time and labour-intensive.  

Routine checks and maintenance schedules often involve cumbersome paperwork. Although these tasks are mandatory, they are slow and prone to human error. 

When you harness the power of Ticked Off, your business can proactively manage all routine maintenance tasks from a single, unified interface. The efficiency gains will be substantial, and with managed services, you immediately gain access to a network of qualified contractors with the necessary licensing, WMS, and insurance.  

Mobility and Accessibility 

When you integrate Ticked Off into your facilities management workflow, it is no longer isolated from other systems. Digitalisation takes accessibility and communication to a whole new level. Employees can communicate with managers instantly at any time. Facilities managers can enter an emergency work order immediately from wherever they are as soon as they become aware of an issue.  

They also have an open line to contractors and other third-party workers, and the ability to attach relevant documentation eliminates the potential for misunderstandings.  

Data-Driven Insights 

When you join the digital transformation, you will soon be able to eliminate guesswork through data-driven insights.  

Analysis of historical equipment performance will identify common failure points and predict when maintenance, repair, or replacement will be required. A proactive approach allows for planned maintenance rather than more costly reactive repairs, which further reduces safety risks.  

Create a Safer Business With the Ticked Off Managed Services App 

You would be incorrect if you thought joining the digital revolution would be costly and time-consuming. The Ticked Off app works on any mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop PC. Your business likely already has the digital infrastructure in place, and with zero learning curve, your facilities management team will be up to speed in no time. Discover more about how you can take control of workplace health and safety and book a free demo now