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The Role Of Automation In Reducing Admin And Streamlining Processes With Ticked Off's Managed Services

Are you searching for your next competitive edge in business but unsure where to look? Your facilities maintenance team faces a growing list of challenges, and automating many of their tasks may be the key to streamlining your operation. 

Are you searching for your next competitive edge in business but unsure where to look? Your facilities maintenance team faces a growing list of challenges, and automating many of their tasks may be the key to streamlining your operation.  

Ticked Off Managed Services offers a lifeline to overwhelmed facilities maintenance managers. Take advantage of our app's comprehensive feature set to automate scheduling and document storage and optimise outsourcing like you never thought possible. Find out more in our latest article about how customisable automation might be the key to elevating your business. 

Retail facilities managers face an increasingly complex array of sophisticated systems and networks. Fortunately, automation technology has kept up with this growth to ensure administrators are not overwhelmed with their growing list of responsibilities.  

Automation allows facilities managers to simplify and streamline their many duties by delegating repetitive and time-consuming tasks to software and technology.  

In this article, we explore the many essential yet repetitive tasks performed by facilities managers and how managed services and automation will make your team more productive.  

Admin Automation - The Basics

Administrative automation uses technology to simplify and streamline various administrative tasks. The idea of automation is not a new one, with office busy work becoming increasingly automated over the last few decades.  

Using automated systems to take over mundane and routine administrative tasks can profoundly impact efficiency and productivity. Gartner projects that by 2024, as much as 69% of managerial work will be fully automated. Given this promising outlook, now is as good a time as any to explore how automation can benefit your retail operation. 

In case you need inspiration or are uncertain about where automation can provide the most assistance, we have outlined seven areas where it can help with the daily challenges your facilities management faces.  

Administrators Biggest Challenges  

For the competitive retail sector, maintaining manual administrative processes introduces a ton of inefficiencies, including:  

  • A lot of administration work is time-consuming.
  • It's often monotonous, repetitive, and boring.
  • More demanding customers means administrators face an increasing workload.
  • Manual admin makes employees less productive. 
  • Boring, repetitive work is prone to mistakes.

Enhancing Efficiency and Streamlining Processes With Automation 

The retail sector is fiercely competitive, so the less time you have to devote to busy work like record keeping gives your team more time to focus on a more proactive approach to maintenance.  

However, you need a dependable system to handle recurring and time-consuming duties. In short, routine administration tasks should not take up room on your already overflowing to-do list.  

Here are just a few areas where automation can enhance your operation: 

  • Centralised database in the cloud. 
  • Streamline invoicing. 
  • Categorise, tag, and organise documents. 
  • Data retrieval.  
  • Ensuring the legitimacy of records. 
  • Authenticating contractor identities.

Centralised Database

Staying on top of onboarding and database management in a growing business can be challenging. Hiring additional staff may seem like a logical solution. However, it comes at a significant extra cost and does not guarantee mistakes won't be made. 

Typos, misfiled documents, and scheduling mistakes are small errors that can have a big impact on workflow.  

Many of our customers have benefited enormously by automating their data storage and retrieval systems when managing repairs and maintenance. 

Ticked Off's managed service solution gathers all contractor information, categories, and requirements into one central location. An app that works in the cloud adds even more convenience. Facilities managers can quickly pull up the information they need wherever they are. 

Managing Outsourcing Expenses

Outsourcing contractors is relatively straightforward for small operations with a single location. However, when your maintenance responsibilities are spread across the nation, it's much more difficult to track your repairs and maintenance expenses.  

Finding reliable contractors is a challenging task at the best of times, but it's even more so when the facilities you need to keep in good working are located hundreds of miles away.  

Juggling multiple invoices with different payments spread over the month is not a fun job, and it's prone to mistakes. Missed payments could mean losing your most reliable contractors. 

Ticked Off's solution provides a comprehensive range of capabilities. Firstly, they have access to a nationwide network of reliable contractors. Secondly, your company can optimise its admin workflow by reducing your outsourcing expenses to a single invoice.  

You pay once a month and get the peace of mind that only fully-vetted contractors are stepping foot in your facilities.  

Centralised Asset Management

Every one of your assets has corresponding documentation. Tracking all this paperwork through an antiquated filing system or digital files stored in a folder on a computer somewhere makes you inefficient and vulnerable to compliance issues.  

A managed service with an accompanying app centralises all your asset documentation into one easy-to-use system that all but eliminates mistakes.  

Got a warranty issue? No problem. You can quickly look up the asset’s relevant documents to check the warranty status or servicing schedule and avoid costly repairs.  

What about service reports? Automation has you covered from that angle as well. Compliance issues will be a thing of the past, as you can quickly show that you have diligently maintained equipment and facilities according to local regulations. When working with multiple local councils, each with its own system, this feature alone can be a massive timesaver.  

Scheduling Automation

Automation and scheduling are perfect for each other. Many maintenance tasks are routine, but scheduling errors can mean a vital service gets missed or a carpenter shows up for electrical work.  

Automation eliminates these issues as our managed services handle everything. Appointments are automatically set, and contractors always know when to show up where they are needed.  

Our sophisticated managed services can handle multiple custom schedules for all your facilities. Maintenance schedules can be set based on usage, operational hours, and your hours of business. Preventive maintenance has never been easier.  

Automating Health, Safety, and Security

Health, safety, and security are priorities for every business, but they produce a mountain of time-consuming paperwork. You can reduce your health and safety obligations with automation. 

Every site is different, so you will appreciate the ability to create site-specific audits and actions. In addition, hazards can be instantly identified and actioned on to keep your staff and customers safe, and the included e-check list ensures nothing gets missed.  

Streamline administrative tasks using Ticked Off 

Competitive edges in today's crowded marketplace have become ever more elusive. Customers are more demanding, and facilities management staff face an increasing workload.  

Ticked Off's managed services and automation features can eliminate many mundane, mistake-prone tasks. This all-in-one solution will centralise data storage and extraction, manage maintenance schedules, and streamline payments.   

Our service adapts to your business needs and not the other way around. With a learning curve that's close to zero, automation has never been easier. A free, no-limits, 14-day evaluation is available upon request.