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How Ticked Off's Software Can Help Businesses Reduce Financial Waste and Increase Efficiency

Humans make mistakes. Whether it's scheduling errors, misfiling critical information, or deleting an important file, inevitably, even the best employees will occasionally have a bad day and slip up in ways that will affect finances and customer service. 

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Humans make mistakes. Whether it's scheduling errors, misfiling critical information, or deleting an important file, inevitably, even the best employees will occasionally have a bad day and slip up in ways that will affect finances and customer service. 

Automation can play a critical role in reducing instances of human error. Not only can automation reduce mistakes, but it can also streamline many of your maintenance and repair routines.   

What is Business Process Automation? 

Business process automation (BPA) transforms business operations by using software to automate repeatable tasks and transactions so they require minimal human intervention.  

Areas where business process automation can reduce financial waste and increase efficiency include invoicing, regular maintenance scheduling, approvals, tracking work progress, and more.  

How Automation Reduces Admin and Streamlines Processes 

Administration requires a lot of bandwidth from facilities maintenance managers. Hours of the day are taken up with scheduling, ensuring compliance, overseeing upkeep, testing, inspections, security, supervision of teams, and dealing with emergencies. Facilities management is a substantial all-encompassing role with many opportunities for mistakes to be made. 

Managing a single outlet is challenging, but many New Zealand and Australian businesses have outlets nationwide, all with varying repairs and maintenance demands. Relying on manual systems to ensure a safe,  clean environment and equipment operating at peak efficiency in all stores is momentous for even experienced facilities managers and their teams.  

Using technology can enhance the process by automating tasks where mistakes are frequently made, such as scheduling and filing mistakes. 

Benefits of BPA For Managed Services 

The best way to eliminate human error is to automate as many routine and repetitive business tasks as possible. Repetitive tasks are most likely forgotten or overlooked and more prone to mistakes.  

Business process automation (BPA) allows facilities managers to improve operations by reducing administrative workload.  

Automation and managed services change how facilities maintenance work gets done. Time in administration is reduced because essential paperwork like work orders, compliance data, and warranty information is stored and accessible from one convenient location through any workstation or mobile device.

Other benefits your business will enjoy when partnering with Ticked Off managed services include: 

Increased Efficiency

Automation eliminates much of the admin churn, like updating spreadsheets, missed phone calls, juggling multiple invoices, missed messages, and scheduling mistakes. Maintenance tasks are completed with greater accuracy because the right person will always show up for the job.  

Ticked Off managed services ensure workflows are configured according to the business's needs, regardless of location. Access to a network of qualified professionals ensures all your customers receive the same level of service, whether the facilities are located in downtown Melbourne or the Top End of Australia, 

Automating complex workflows means businesses can access real-time information about their facility. This data provides insights into what’s working well and areas where improvements need to be made so that problems can be identified quickly and resolved before they become significant. 

Automation with the Ticked Off app helps companies achieve cost savings by reducing the man-hours required for manual processing or rework resulting from errors due to miscommunication or poor documentation practices. 

Reduced Costs and Errors 

Automating workflows reduces the need for manual, repetitive tasks like filling out paperwork or spreadsheets, sending emails, or making phone calls to deploy work orders. This, in turn, reduces costs and errors and frees up staff to perform more value-adding roles. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction 

Streamlining maintenance through automation ensures staff and customers can work and shop comfortably and safely. Everything from the condition of restrooms to the cleanliness of the floors will impact the overall perception of your brand in the marketplace. Customer-facing staff who work in well-maintained facilities will perform better in their duties and be able to deliver the type of excellent service your customers have come to expect. 

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance 

Automation helps ensure that data is secure by providing stricter control over user access levels & sensitive information – helping businesses comply with industry regulations while protecting their confidential information from unauthorised access or misuse. 
Additionally, automation improves data security and compliance by helping ensure that all documents/records related to a particular task are correctly saved in the system and immediately accessible when it's required for compliance-related matters.  

Risk Mitigation

Overlooked safety measures or compliance issues will negatively impact your reputation and customer trust. Eliminating errors through automation can help mitigate through preventive maintenance, identifying hazards, faster response to emergencies, and accurate reporting and auditing. 

For example, facilities managers can issue a work order and schedule maintenance through the solution. After the work is complete, the contractor can send a confirmation and add images as proof of work completed. The solution creates a trail of evidence that ensures the business is legally protected against any compliance issues. 

Enhanced Health and Safety Practices

Workplace health and safety often represent hours of paperwork for admin staff. Automating healthy and safe practices can significantly reduce your workload. QR sign-ins for visitors and contractors ensure that only authorised users can enter your facilities.  

The Ticked Off app is infinitely customisable, allowing your business to tailor site-specific audits and actions for every location. With advanced analytics reporting, you can track trends, identify hazards, and trigger immediate action with minimal delay. The included e-checklist ensures every job is done right the first time. 


Get Ready to Transform Your Business with Automation 

Business Process Automation transforms your facility's operations, minimising paperwork and manual intervention. You can bid farewell to scheduling errors, misplaced documents, and compliance oversights. By automating routine and repetitive tasks, your team gains more time to focus on critical safety initiatives and value-adding roles. 

Ticked Off's Managed Services introduce a new level of efficiency. Say goodbye to spreadsheet errors, missed calls, and scheduling mix-ups. Schedule a friendly chat to discover how Ticked Off can be your tailor-made automation solution.