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Built for you: Live on-site workplace safety

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Maintaining a safe workplace is essential – now, more than ever.

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Maintaining a safe workplace is essential – now, more than ever. Yet, so many businesses are still attempting to manage workplace safety through an archaic process of completing safety inspections with one system, managing contractors with another, and requesting and completing corrective actions or repairs in yet another. When these parts of the team aren’t able to communicate, it’s risky business.

Managing on-site safety with Ticked Off empowers your entire team, both staff and contractors, to work with a safety-first mindset. Digitally record time on-site or safety issues, and track corrective actions through to completion, all from the one platform.

Track contractor time on site

If you’re already using Ticked Off for your contractor performance and compliance, you can also manage their time and attendance to see who is on-site across all your locations live, and historically. When your contractors or tradies arrive on-site, they can sign-in to the jobs that you’ve assigned them with a single tap of their phone, and when the job is done, they quickly sign-out the same way.

Ticked Off Onsite Workplace Safety Management app, Contractor Sign-in Sign-out

Site-specific conditions

If you need to inform contractors of pre-existing site-specific conditions, such as asbestos, before they start work, you can create site conditions in Ticked Off. When contractors sign-in, they will be prompted to acknowledge each site-specific condition. The time and date of acknowledgement are saved against the work request.

Ticked Off Onsite Workplace Safety Management app, Site Specific Conditions

Pre-start Safety Checklist

Identify and control hazards before anyone starts their repairs or maintenance works with a pre-start risk assessment/safety checklist. These checklists are completed directly from the Ticked Off app, and responses, along with any photos of risks or issues are digitally recorded against the work request and are available to review at any time.

Ticked Off Onsite Workplace Safety Management app, Safety Checklist

Corrective Actions & Safety Management

Corrective actions can be created from any concerns identified from the pre-start safety checklist, or any checklist your team completes. Assign corrective actions directly to any staff member or contractor for follow up – this ensures that your team can quickly action issues or risks before they cause an incident.

Ticked Off Onsite Workplace Safety Management app, Contractor Work Order Management


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