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Built for you: A single source of truth

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Whether you manage one site, one hundred, or more – a well-oiled team needs to be working from the same job-sheet.

looking at maintenance app software
Whether you manage one site, one hundred, or more – a well-oiled team needs to be working from the same job-sheet.


Connecting your team into one single source of truth such as a CMMS (“computerised maintenance management system”) or an EAM platform (“enterprise asset management”), helps to unlock insights and efficiencies that will help your business run more efficiently and profitably.

Faster repairs reduce asset downtime, preventative maintenance saves expensive asset repairs, and safety inspections can identify broken assets before they cause safety incidents.

A single solution also means no more excuses, no more wasted time swapping between tools, and a lot of money saved from single-use apps that don’t talk to the rest of your team.

Ticked Off Repairs & Maintenance app

Simple to use

The most important objective when implementing a system is that it actually gets used. Ticked Off is intuitive enough that even your most lackadaisical team member won’t have a problem logging a repair or reporting an incident. If you can book an Uber, you are ready.

Platform agnostic

Mac. Windows. Android. iPhone. In our office alone we use all of these – some of the Ticked Off team will work on all four on any given day, so we understand the need for a system that syncs across platforms and works the same on all of them.

Work together

Everything is connected – Assets, contractors, maintenance, repairs, reporting, safety, & not to mention both requesters and approvers using the same piece of tech. Request repairs from an incident report, or check service history and repairs for every asset. Live notifications and notes connect your team when and where you need them.

Ticked Off Repairs & Maintenance app

Unlimited users

Isn’t it time that we stopped paying for “seats” for software? Having your whole team using the same platform only saves more time and money, and we don’t believe that should be a penalisation for businesses. Never pay extra for having your whole team on Ticked Off – Empower both your support team and your on-site teams to work together.

Interested in hearing more about the Ticked Off features? Or have any questions? Let us know.