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Case Study: SunDoctors Skin Cancer Clinics

Reading Time: 2 minSunDoctors are Australia’s largest group of Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Skin Cancer Treatment specialists.

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SunDoctors are Australia’s largest group of Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Skin Cancer Treatment specialists.

  • Sites: 44 Australian locations
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Solutions implemented: Repairs & Maintenance, Asset Management, and Managed Services


  • Fostering a culture of transparency, accountability and safety.
  • Eliminating uncertainty, financial surprises and inefficiencies.
  • Delivering robust systems and processes that are relevant and easy for all to use.

SunDoctors saves lives by efficiently and effectively diagnosing skin cancer. They have a single medical speciality and provide the highest quality of medical care coupled with excellent patient experience.

In March 2018, SunDoctors identified an opportunity to better support the clinics, the Doctors and support staff by streamlining the management of Repairs and Maintenance across the network.

Right technology. Right support

The service and software solution provided by Ticked Off is well suited to a professional and medical services business like SunDoctors. It allows the team to stay focused on the patients and their health. The Ticked Off app and platform provides a simple way for the clinics to log and track job requests without the need for unnecessary administration or excessive email communication. There is no guesswork in using Ticked Off and any information can easily be accessed, anywhere at any time.

Having robust systems and processes in place is necessary for any successful business. Ticked Off also offer 24/7 support by phone, email, chat or otherwise. The SunDoctors team can contact an after-hours support team with an emergency.

The monthly reports produced by Ticked Off allow our Support Team to monitor performance, costs and areas for improvement. With the recent impact of Coronavirus, SunDoctors were able to quickly put all non-safety related jobs on hold with one call.

Cutting complexity, adding agility

Doctors and Nurses within the SunDoctors network are experts in their medical profession. The business does not also need them to be experts in locating tradespeople, organising quotes, processing invoices and the like. In using Ticked Off software and services, SunDoctors have a cost-effective way of managing repairs and maintenance, warranties and asset management in a fortnightly itemised invoice. Other than the review and approval of some jobs via the app, there is a zero labour cost or requirement by SunDoctors



For SunDoctors, the Ticked Off solution provides transparency, accountability and cost control in a deceptively simple app. The Clinic Manager logs a job request on the app, nominating the urgency and photos. Some jobs may need a higher internal authority also managed on the app – all other jobs can be approved by our Managers who are empowered to make decisions against pre-set budget controls. The job is then scheduled and completed by the Ticked Off team with automated notifications to relevant personnel, photos on completion, and a review process by all parties. Nothing can slip through the gaps.

SunDoctors receives monthly reports on spend by location, by category, by month and also job performance. This data allows SunDoctors to make fact led decisions on asset procurement and for budgeting purposes. SunDoctors have reduced year on year spend by 49% by having easy access to otherwise unavailable data, to identify items that would be better serviced and cheaper to manage through a programmed maintenance program



  • 49% reduction in costs year on year
  • Reduced labour hours by 2,000+ per year