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Built for you: Custom reporting at your fingertips

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For too long “computerised maintenance management systems” have been nothing more than a digital to-do list or a ticketing system for getting work orders from A to B.

For too long “computerised maintenance management systems” have been nothing more than a digital to-do list or a ticketing system for getting work orders from A to B.


The real challenge, which Ticked Off was built to address, was people making costly decisions without context, facts, knowledge, or reporting. These decisions are often guesses based on gut instinct, at best.

To solve this, Ticked Off team has reporting at the very heart of what we do. Ticked Off combines data from across the entire business support functions – property services, asset management, repairs, preventative maintenance, and WH&S – into one single source of truth, that provides you with actionable insights so that you can make confident and informed decisions.

We wanted to share some of our most loved features to help business owners to say goodbye to the finger-pointing and excuses, for good.

Accountability & Approval workflows

Yes, we know – not really a reporting feature – but like everyone else, we don’t like invoice-shock, and we don’t like to wait for reporting (even if it is live) to fix problems. Pre-set site limits and custom approval workflows reduce the time to complete work and most importantly ensure that you never overspend from surprise invoices.

Live Data

“Always know your numbers” a lesson drilled into me from my very first mentor when I started in management as a fresh-faced 17-year-old. Making decisions from incomplete, or out of date data is a recipe for disaster. Live dashboards and job tracking give insight into which store, asset, or category is costing you so that you can take action before it becomes a problem.

Custom Reporting

The more business owners we talked to, the more we realised how different every single business was – even when managing similar repairs & maintenance departments. Monitor and manage spend by location, job category, sqm, you name it – keep your finger on the pulse with live custom-built dashboards. Best part? You don’t need to lift a finger – we’ll build them for you.

Scheduled Dashboards

Live data at your fingertips not enough? We’ve got you – We’ll automatically send you scheduled reports, with our standard easy to read visualisations, every month – your key team members won’t ever be waiting on your month-end reports.


Managing expensive repairs? No more chasing emails and phone calls. Request and manage competitive quotes from your suppliers in one place before you spend a cent.

Supplier & 3rd Party Warrant Management

Record warranties and service reports against each asset to ensure that you are not paying for repairs or maintenance covered under warranty, or by any landlord lease agreements.

The real benefit from having a single source of truth is having all this information, whenever, wherever you need it. Not just stuck in reports.
For example, an air conditioner has been repaired twice in the last month, but I can also see this site will be closed within the next month, is this extra cost worth it?

Reporting is more than just a collection of facts gathered after that fact. The insights that you can get from an interconnected system – this is a game-changer.

We hope these features give you confidence in your decision making.
Any questions? Let us know.