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New and improved quoting module

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Repairs and maintenance often involve organising quotes before works commence.

screenshots of the ticked off maintenance app
Repairs and maintenance often involve organising quotes before works commence. The back and forth can be frustrating and time-consuming. Ticked Off’s new and improved quoting module streamlines the entire quoting process. Most things are done in-app with the click of a few buttons.

Creating a quote request

Any work request can be sent to quote with the click of a button. Once requested, you nominate any number of suppliers to quote on the work request. Each supplier is automatically notified that you have requested a quote through the app and by email. Your suppliers are able to review the quote requests specifications, and if required book a site visit in-app. Your site users and managers receive details of the supplier’s site visit through the app and by email. Everyone’s on the same page every step of the way.

Providing a quote

Each supplier provides details of their quote through the app. They have the ability to add time, materials, and documents to the quote request. Once a supplier submits their quote, you can review the quote and if needed request further information from the supplier at the press of a button. There’s no more back and forth by phone, text and email. Everything’s captured neatly in the one place for future reference.

Reviewing and accepting quotes

Quotes are provided back to you in a format that enables easy like-for-like comparison. From one screen you select the quote that best suits your requirements, and successful and unsuccessful suppliers are notified automatically of the outcome. The successful supplier then accepts the new work order and schedules it in-app.

By leveraging user experience, the new quoting module streamlines the quoting process for repairs and maintenance, making it even more effective and efficient. To see how Ticked Off’s quoting module saves you time and money book a demo today.