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Saving time with Ticked Off

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Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase ‘time is money’ in 1798 in his ‘Advice to a Young Tradesmen’.

Benjamin Franklin coined the phrase ‘time is money’ in 1798 in his ‘Advice to a Young Tradesmen’. Today the advice seems more relevant than ever. Everyone seems to be having to do more with less. Ticked Off simplifies and automates repairs and maintenance, freeing up your time to focus on what’s important.

Logging of job

Logging a request with Ticked Off is done in less than 60 seconds. With our iOS and Android apps, you log jobs on-site and mobile. Select request categories and priorities from pre-set drop-down menus, take some photos of the problem, provide a description and hit send. It’s that simple.

No more back and forth

Once the work requests logged everything happens inside the app with the press of a button. No more back and forth by phone, emails or texts to get things done;

  • Your work request needs approvals before going ahead. Simple. You can set-up Ticked to automatically send a work request to the right person for approval.
  • From there, the work request can be automatically assigned to the relevant supplier based on the sites location and the requests category and subcategory.
  • Suppliers review, accept and schedule the work order all in the app.

Everyone knows what is going on with every request, every step of the way with in-app notifications. Better still nothing falls through the cracks.

Back office savings

Just because your supplier has completed the work request doesn’t mean the work is done. There’s still the whole finance piece the manage. With Ticked Off, suppliers enter time and materials in-app at the close of each work order. When you receive the suppliers’ invoice, you quickly reconcile it against Ticked Off, and with the click of a button can export the invoice as a draft bill into your accounting system for payment.

These are simple features,  but when you add them all up, you’d be surprised how much time Ticked Off saves everyone involved in each work request. For more information on how Ticked Off saves you time why not arrange a demo today.